Kenya: A Mountain to Climb

Little Orange Dog

I was determined to finish Rod’s story because we have so much in common and I’m so glad I did. Rod has rebuilt himself, his life and his outlook.

An Ordinary Family of Five

He describes his experience in perfect detail and you become familiar with his surroundings, and also of the people he speaks to. Rods confidence of undertaking such a tremendous adventure on his own, is reflected in his friendships and his writing.

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There’s such an amazing wealth of what he encounters on his trip, Mount Kenya and safari’s, no spoilers you will need to read the book to find out the inspiring greatness of Africa. There’s  pictures representing the trip, the views and the cultures and so much more of his great exhibition in this excellent retelling of events.

Beauty, books, and basic IT

Once we reach the chapters when Rod makes it to Africa, it becomes clear he demonstrates a gift of describing what he sees so eloquently. The reader can easily imagine being there with him, and is like the readers eyes are opened in a new way.